A passion for natural gems and making pendants comes together in this exclusive collaboration with artist Neaphyte Wonders in which hand selected rough Opals are suspended in the center of large natural Geode slices. Each Opal is placed for maximum light play varying from orange/reds to blue/greens to lavendar as specified below. "It's nature's version of 'bling'" the artist explains.


These statement pieces range in size from about 3" to 6" wide. Note: there is an additional charge for larger pieces.


Available Options


Natural Round 3"/ rose gold bales / red-orange-green flashes

Natural Round 2 3"/ dark silver bales / lavendar flashes

Green Oval 3.5" / antique brass bales / blue-green-orange-yellow flashes

Natural Black Oval 6" / antique brass bales / green-red flashes (extra charge)

Nature's Statement Pendant