A passion for natural gems and making pendants comes together in this exclusive collaboration with artist Neaphyte Wonders in which hand selected rough gem clusters are cast in clear resin that beautifully displays their attributes from every angle (see videos).


These particular medium sized gems are anchored by the resin yet remain mostly free of constraints and resting on one's chest with a substantial 3D effect emanating one's heart energy through it out into the world. 


Available styles:


Clear Crystal Point Cluster approx 1.2" total drop, 3/4" wide, found by Artist in the San Juan Valley region of Colorado.

Purple Druzy Cluster approx 2" total drop, 1.5" wide

Aragonite approx 1.5" total drop, 1.2" wide

Yellow Jasper approx 1.5" drop, 3/4" wide

Smokey Quartz Cluster approx 1.25" drop, 1.5" wide



Gem Clusters Pendant